Recovery & Reclamation

Sometimes it is cost prohibitive to refurbish a device or the device is beyond economic repair. When that time comes, ELS can dispose of your decommissioned, retired or unused electronics, IT assets and electronic waste in the most environmentally responsible manner.

Customer Upgrades

With device updates happening every year (or even faster) your customers are upgrading their electronics when there is still plenty of functional life left in them. ELS helps you to enable your customers to upgrade in a way that is cost effective for you.

New Life

ELS reinvigorates your products. Lifecycle continuation can be achieved by thorough testing to check the functionality and condition of the unwanted products, refurbishing them as necessary and connecting them with other markets in the global marketplace for resale and onward consumption.

Responsible Disposal

You need a provider with the proven expertise, processes and track record to ensure your e-waste ends up where it is supposed to—not in a landfill or overseas— and meet the necessary federal regulations for proper e-waste disposal. ELS will provide a certificate of destruction when required.

All Sources Accepted

From the data center to the point of sale and throughout the entire reverse logistics process our facilities ensure that the IT asset recycling process is secure, convenient and compliant.

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