Returns, Repair & Refurbishment

Established Market & Device Expertise

  • Automated Retail & Point of Sale (POS)
  • Electronic Banking & Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
  • Enterprise Computer, Mobility, Image & Print Infrastructure
  • Healthcare Clinical Electronics

Critical - Priority Field Service Parts Logistics

  • Systematic Service Inventory Mangement
  • Installed Base Service Parts Logistics
  • Legacy Service Parts Planning & Sales
  • Dynamic Reverse Logistics Routing
  • Mature to Legacy Device Repair/Asset Recovery
  • End-of-Service Life Device Reclamation
  • Device Lifecycle IT Visibility, Reporting & Control

Information Technology Proven Benefits

  • SPL Event Systematic Visibility/Control/Tracking/Planning/IP Data
  • Installed Base Warranty Service Entitlement/Business Behavior Intelligence
  • On-time & Long-term SPL Asset Recovery & Inventory Management
  • Rebrand, Reserialzation & Redeployment SPL Legacy Inventory
  • Parcel Transportation Carrer-of-Choice System Connectivity

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